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Firefly Media Facade Lighting(Rental and Sales)

Facade Lighting is latest offering for rendering fully-customizable solutions for creative and demanding media projects, especially in the outdoor space.

Most suitable for large screens, outdoor installations for a thematic purpose, where the intent is to broadcast a message over a longer period of time to a generic audience.

Key Features


Various customization options: The LM Firefly’s customization choices include number of LEDs per round Dot casing; LED color (RGB, warm white, or cold white); pixel pitch; and diffuser dome.

Flexible mounting capability: Mounted on a flexible string, Firefly is not confined to a rigid, pre-determined form or structure, and can therefore accommodate a variety of irregular surfaces, planes, and configurations.

Outdoor-rated: The Firefly is IP67-rated, UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Smart Chip technology:  Each Firefly pixel is auto-addressable and easily configured.

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