Why You Need a Lighting Retrofit

Why You Need a Lighting Retrofit

How often do you keep track of your overhead charges from utilities? Very rarely, or never, perhaps. It is common to regulate the more obvious expenses in order to cut costs. But a simple change in lighting can save you around 60% of your overhead costs.

If you ever audit your lighting efficiency, you may be in for a few surprises. First of all, the incandescent bulbs have been eating at your wallet till now. Shift to LEDs and you can see a tremendous change in lighting efficiency.

A lighting retrofit is in order if you have been paying an unfair share to keep your premises illuminated. It may cost you a bit to switch to LEDs completely, but in the long run, these costs are just trivial when compared to how much you can save.

Not only are LEDs energy efficient, but they are also extremely durable, withstanding the action of any weathering agent.

What about the quality of light? Again, LEDs are superior when it comes to the consistency of light offered. With limited glare, LEDs overcome the shortcomings of incandescent bulbs and is said to improve productivity.

Time for an evaluation of energy efficiency, don’t you think?

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