Party Lighting Service in the UAE

Party Lighting Service in the UAE

bokeh-1907205_1920Styling your house for a party can be extremely challenging. The key focus is always on lunch/dinner arrangements, expensive cutlery and linen, the menu, and so on. However, there is a sure way to transform the mood at any party- the lighting. Get the lighting right and that’s half of your concerns covered! That’s what Light Magic is for, to design and realize your dream party. We help you convert any setting to the party atmosphere you desire by following a few simple steps.

  • Knowing every bit of information that is associated with the function, which may or may not be linked to lighting: The details ultimately influence your lighting scheme, and vice versa.
  • Planning and designing the lighting layout using appropriate software: This will depend on the event details and your room design. This also includes designing the key lighting fixtures with maximum efficiency.
  • Adding the right dimming effect: Party illumination is not about extremely bright lighting, but it is about right lighting. Bright lighting is a definite no-no at parties. A dimming effect creates a beautiful ambiance, accentuating everything in the area. Deciding the percentage of illumination and brightness is a critical step in event lighting.
  • Lighting the outside: Finally, what makes a party venue stand out is the lighting decor on the outside. While exterior lighting has come a long way in terms of design, we incorporate modern techniques and layouts to ensure your party venue looks stylish and inviting.

Contact us at Light Magic for all your party lighting needs, and Tada! Watch your dream party materialize!

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