Shine A Little Brighter This Ramadan

Shine A Little Brighter This Ramadan

With day time reserved for fasting and prayers, night time in the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of activity in the UAE. Since the early days, adorning streets and lanes with festive lighting has been a tradition followed in this part of the world, to celebrate the unity in spirituality, and to welcome the Month of Purity and the Festival that follows.

What began with traditional Middle Eastern lanterns or “Fanoos” has now evolved to adopt led lighting technology and other latest innovations. Large ornate lighting displays are trending now, as streets of Dubai gear up for Ramadan.

Having designed beautiful Ramadan lightings in Dubai in the last few years, this year Light Magic awaits Ramadan with an even better collection of lighting designs for buildings, street lights, and storefronts.

Contact us today for illuminated LED adornments for Ramadan. Not only do we offer areat quality in our lighting fixtures, but we also have an expert team of designers to capture the essense of everything our lightings represent.

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