Planning Your Wedding Lighting

Are you planning your wedding in the UAE? Here are a few tips from experts at Light Magic to illuminate your wedding venue the best way. After all, what’s a fairytale wedding without the lighting effect?

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet challenging task. We bet decor is something that you are burning your brains on. Whatever the decor is, appropriate lighting is absolutely essential for an enhanced effect. Moreover, colored lighting helps your decor reflect the theme. Follow our tips for deciding how you want your wedding lighting to look.

Color washes

This is a favorite among wedding planners because the effect is immediate, and setting it up is relatively cheap. Led lights in various accents and contrasts can be used to create a washed lighting effect along walls, ceilings, and floors. The result is a magical space illuminated to allure the senses. Moreover, it is a departure from traditional wedding lighting, perfect for you if you have chosen a very modern setting. Light washes goes amazingly well with soothing background music.

Fairylights and Stars

The latest trend in wedding lighting is hanging thousands of tiny golden lights on celings and marquees. The lighting isn’t too conspicuous, and yet manages to adequately illuminate the area. If you are planning an evening wedding, what better way to light up your wedding premises than imitating a starry sky? With these fairy lights, you are already half way to your ultimate fairytale wedding.

Chandeliers and Candlelights 

After the actual wedding ceremony, the most important part of a wedding is the food, which is why it is so important to plan how you serve your guests. Darkness is something you should avoid in the dining area. You must have already planned how you want to set your tables, complete with the centrepieces. Next comes the overhead lighting, which is that finishing touch without which the rest of your efforts become fruitless. We think chandeliers with candle light holders for led lights can work wonders in accentuating your dinner decor. It’s a day of romance, and that makes candle lights mandatory.

If you are in the UAE and looking for Wedding planners to take care of lighting, contact us at Light Magic to turn your wedding into a real-life fairytale. We create magic with LED lights, so prepare to mesmerize your guests.

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