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Light Magic, Since 1999

Light Magic Global is a lighting solutions company in Dubai established in 1999, offering decoration services for various festivities and occasions such as New Year, Ramadan, Eid, National Day, and much more. With years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the art of transforming spaces into captivating and mesmerizing environments.

Marking momentous occasions is an inherent trait of humanity, and illuminating the surroundings is our way of sharing these celebrations with the world. We provide indoor and outdoor light decoration services for UAE National Day Celebrations, as well as for occasions such as Ramadan, EID, Marriages, Anniversary, and many more.

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Festival Events Lighting Illumination

Architectural Lighting

Illumination for Buildings and Shops

Road Decoration and Lighting

Street Light Decoration

Tree Light Decoration

Wedding Light Decoration

Party Light Decorations

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Our professional approach and diligent work have helped us maintain fruitful relationships with all our clients, as we give our 100% for all our clients – be it a corporate business or a start-up.


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